Sales tracking system for Industrial equipment manufacturer


A Business Intelligence Case Study
Sales tracking system for Industrial equipment manufacturer


Client is a well renowned industrial measurement equipment manufacturer.

Why Vertisystem:

  • Strong presence in CRM solutions market
  • Gold partner for implementation (client was already using oracle services)
  • Clear understanding of client requirement, as shown in initial solution proposal Oracle cloud
  • A track record of delivering various solutions in the industry.

Problem Statement

Client implements innovative methodologies to enhance sales. They offer encouraging incentives to its employees and to contract-based sales personnel to make sure that their efforts are recognized. They are paid attractive commissions on the business they generate for the firm. The client has being using an application to track the record of commission earned by an individual employee or sales personnel. The company used to generate reports filters such as dates – on which they were done; categories – equipment type, quantity, etc.; deals – time period, mode of payment, etc. Vertisystem was assigned with responsibility of enhancing the existing application adding some new features like CRUD operations for Deals and Sales personnel.

System in Use

The application client using was on C#, Oracle and was detected with bugs as the technologies were outdated. No centralised system for sales tracking through multiple channels.

Business requirement

  • A system to track all the sales through various channels.
  • A reporting system to generate data regarding how the various channels of sale are responding.
  • Implementation of new system with least down time.
  • Onboarding the staff to new system.

Technical requirements

  • Migration to cloud system
  • Application development for easy updating through multiple channel while avoiding data inconsistencies
  • Extensive database structuring on cloud
  • Algorithm with AI capabilities that can analyze sales data and can help with business strategies
  • Interface for business analysts which can present data in most readable forms (worksheet, charts, and patterns) and help preparing strategies and analyze working of the ones implemented.
  • Data security


  • Identification of key requirements
  • Exploration of possibilities of value addition to the system
  • System proposal and revaluation
  • Proposal and timeline finalization
  • Development and in-house testing
  • Parallel testing on-site
  • Debugging and Support

 Salient Work points

  • Solution which was presented by Vertisystem was integration of employees database with sales record system creating a single coalesced data system
  • Shifting whole information system of the enterprise on the Cloud helped futureproofing the system
  • The simple interface was developed as the data was to be accessed by the employees of all department
  • An excellent example of single integrated system was created which not just amalgamated the data but the sales team with the whole staff of the client which was their philosophy to begin with
  • The whole project was completed in three delivery cycles all of which were delivered before the due dates, the project deployed 4weeks prior its due date
  • Application, database and interfaces developed by us became industry standard for all the firms operating with similar business model(sales through employee channels)

End Result

  • Tremendous client satisfaction as we were able to incorporate their philosophy in our working as well
  • Simplification of interface made onboarding of client’s staff easy and effortless.
  • The business development team got insights of all the sales channels and was able to improve incentives system accordingly.
  • Migration on cloud relieved client’s IT team of server maintaining responsibilities.

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