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Why Vertisystem:

  • A decade worth of experience with various CRM platforms
  • Dedicated workforce of industry trained consultants
  • Our hybrid, onsite-offshore-inshore delivery model, optimize development efforts and deliver best possible solutions for least possible cost. (Presence in the US and India).
  • Deep understanding of clients business and KPIs
  • Recognition of Vertisystem as Oracle Gold Partners and Salesforce Partners

Problem Statement

Client had an implementation of Oracle Right Now CRM but the implementation didn’t meet the unique requirements of the client. Client was looking for optimal usage of CRM implementation and few enhancements such as incorporation of self-service portal, chat support, computer telephonic integration, integration of social media communication in case creation procedure, real time reporting and analytics, co-browsing for customer (for troubleshooting), streamlining the email delivery to designated agents

System in Use

Client was using different platforms for different aspects of customer relations viz. Support, Engagement, Customer Retention, etc.

The various channels (viz. Email, Telephones, and Social media messages) of client communication were not integrated in the platform and required external interfacing.

Heavy licensing fees were being incurred due to underutilization of platform resources.

Record fetching on the platform (Oracle Right Now) was slow.

Business requirement

  • Integration of all channels of communication
  • Streamlining of the platforms to integrate customer data of over 3000 records
  • Chat support with infrastructure to differentiate topic of discussion over chat and directing the customer to designated chat operator, accordingly
  • Decrease in licensing overheads by optimal usage of platform services
  • System which may store more than 3 emails per customer

Technical requirements

  • Interfacing various CRM platform creating a single flow of data synchronizing all CRM activities in a single defined system. This development was a custom program created outside the platforms which was compatible with various platforms.
  • Creation of chat interface with algorithms to direct chat to proper agent, Auto reply algorithm with Machine learning, Ticketing system for chat
  • Creating ticketing system for calls, social media messages and streamlining them with other existing ticketing systems
  • Improving the implementation of the platform and the interface by making it less cluttered and more support agent friendly
  • Reducing latency in record fetching by creating custom views and virtualization
  • Reducing no. of requests on the platform by caching of data locally
  • Creating custom app to circumvent the issue regarding no. of emails per customer limitation.


  • Identification of key requirements
  • Exploration of possibilities of value addition to the system
  • System proposal and revaluation
  • Proposal and timeline finalization
  • Development and in-house testing
  • Parallel testing on-site
  • Debugging and Support

 Salient Work points

  • Circumventing various limitations of the platform to meet client requirements.
  • Layered app development for the platform to interface and better deliver the data with reduced latency and no. of requests
  • Identification of various possibilities of value addition through CRM implementation and delivering the same in the most cost effective way
  • Creation of Chat Support module which can handle generic queries without support staff.
  • Implementation of machine learning for improvement of the system for better customer retention
  • Development of knowledge base on platform and then implementation of the same on the website with retained look and feel of the website.

End Result

  • Single flow system was achieved with well-defined data flow
  • Cost saving by reducing total no. of requests on the platform
  • Reduction of time in fetching records expediting business process dependent on it.
  • Reduced ticket solving time via implementation of chat support
  • The system which was developed produced, more customer-centric, real time reports resulting in higher customer engagement
  • UX (measured by CSAT scores) improved considerably which in turn increased customer retention for client.

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