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Solution for a Casino Gaming Giant


A world-renowned player in casino and gaming industry with strong emphasis on technology in its business model. The client also ventures in technology development for casino gaming and other domains of casino and resorts.

Why Vertisystem:

  • A track record of delivering various solutions in the industry (casino gaming)
  • Experience in technologies which were required for the project
  • Our hybrid, onsite-offshore-inshore delivery model, optimize development efforts and deliver the best possible solutions for the least possible cost. (Presence in the US and India).
  • Deep understanding of clients business

Problem Statement

The client had several services and products (POS) available at their establishments and wanted to improve their sales by collecting data regarding spending behavior of their customers and presenting them with best deals on the basis of the data collected.

System in Use

Each POS had its own discreet data collection system with separate client registration. The business analysis team had to work with the fragmented data from each POS without having any means of integrating the data to reflect spending behavior patterns of customers and device their strategies for sales improvement accordingly.

Business requirement

  • A comprehensive data regarding a customer’s spending habits and a system to predict (extrapolate) their further interests which may be converted into sales
  • Implementation of a new system with least downtime.
  • Onboarding all the staff to the new system.

Technical requirements

  • An integrated database getting data from all the POS
  • A single streamline Interface for all different POS to stream data
  • Integration of necessary and optional services for customers via single subscription
  • An algorithm with AI capabilities that can extrapolate spending behavior and predict most attractive offers for each customer
  • Interface for business analysts, which can present the data in the most readable forms (worksheet, charts, and patterns) and helps to prepare strategies and analyze the working of the ones implemented.
  • Data security
  • Migration of legacy data from System in Use to a new system.


  • Identification of key requirements
  • Exploration of possibilities of value addition to the system
  • System proposal and revaluation
  • Proposal and timeline finalization
  • Development and in-house testing
  • Parallel testing on-site
  • Debugging and Support

 Salient Work points

  • Streamline the players’ data, clubbed with automated registration, self-serve kiosks, and practical player overview screens.
  • Empower hosts with powerful player status and history information.
  • Update managers with real-time promotion reports and player monitoring.
  • Customer Management supports all types of promotional measures: drawings, tournaments, discounts, coupons, event tickets, rewards points, multipliers, merchandise or gifts, and more.
  • Integration to hotel systems, point-of-sales, websites for a full view of a player’s full economic contribution, helps prioritize and reward players.
  • Enable marketing staff to create precise promotions for any section of the club.
  • Customized product features to suit business needs.
  • Created a state-of-the-art web-based platform from the legacy system; achieve multi-device support with responsive UI.
  • Created an interface which manages the flow of data across different applications based on Oracle. The data from these various applications are used to provide more business insights which help in preparing marketing campaigns and offers.
  • Created a Test Automation framework to enhance reliability and robustness of business systems. A Virtual environment at offshore location to remove the dependency on the client system without disturbing the client BAU activities.

End Result

  • The system which was developed produced more customer-centric reports resulting in higher customer engagement.
  • Customers can access via a single card which was available to all POS and data got centralized.
  • Marketing and Sales teams were able to create attractive and effective offers to customers compelling them to avail it.
  • Implementing a virtual test environment has freed client from complex testing procedures.
  • Seamless migration to new product versions.

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